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Oldest house in Rock Hill?

So what is the oldest home in Rock Hill? A lot of people assume that the answer to that is the White Home. After all, it's older than the city itself, Ann White owned a good portion of the land that became downtown Rock Hill, and it's just a big old looking house! The White Home was built in 1838 (and 1840s, & 1870s) but years before that, a farmhouse was built a few miles away.

In the early 1800s, Stephen McCorkle built a two-story, symmetrical farmhouse with a wood shingle roof. Over the years many changes were made, including additions in the 1880s of the Victorian era elements, like the decorative Eastlake brackets and the saw-tooth shingles to the front facade as well as a central gable. 

To learn more about the house (since the house is about to celebrate its 200th Birthday) visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/724971777712692/ "Friends of the McCorkle-Fewell-Long House!

McCorkle-Fewell-Long House 2-2018.JPG